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I was really hoping to have my corset finished by the 3rd Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge deadline today but, alas, it’s been a bitch. The problem, I believe, is that my measurements don’t necessarily reflect my body shape and, thus, lots of wrinkles. I’m going to rip all of the good bits out, redraft it and start fresh with only a single layer and external boning. Hopefully, that will work a lot better and be a bit easier on my sewing machine.

I’m saving that for another  day, however, when I’ve got a bit of patience back. For now, I’m working on the next challenge, which is “Embellish.” I prefer Victorian garb but I’ve  become a bit enamored with 18th century pockets. I just hate carrying around a bag and since pockets in the 18th century were external accoutrement tied onto the clothing as opposed to carried, it works well for me. Plus, I needed a new sit-in-front-of-the-television project.

I’ve designed everything myself so I couldn’t say exactly how historically accurate it will end up being but the Danish Flower  Thread is beautiful so it will have that going for it. The pencil lines throughout the drawing are just a way to keep track of what needs to be done each day to finish by deadline. It’s going to be a tight race.



prepped to add the boning

Well, after much struggle, I’m ready to add the boning to my first corset. Given that I drafted the pattern myself and didn’t make a muslin before hand, it’s turned out damned decent. I did have to rip a bunch of seams and redraft them but all mistakes are an opportunity to learn, I suppose.

Now, to just keep everything from shifting horribly while I sew the channels. Each channel will be hand-sewn as will the binding so who knows when it will be finished. I was hoping by Monday, to have it done in time for the third deadline of Historical Sew Fortnightly, but that’s likely a pipe dream. So long as I eventually finish it, I’ll be happy.